Cassie tea: what is it?

The properties of Cassie tea for health are countless, one of its greatest capabilities is to be very efficient to help lose weight to those who consume it, but few people know the correct way to prepare it, so in this opportunity we will know exactly how to do it and thus take advantage of all its benefits. It is one of the most popular and oldest drinks in the world. In fact, half of the world’s population consumes tea in its various forms and varieties. Black tea, green, white or Oolong type, whatever you’re favorite, the truth is that consuming a cup of this brew has multiple benefits for our body because it contains antioxidants, reduces stress and low levels of hypertension, among others.

Drinking hot tea on a cold day can be more than comforting and provides a number of benefits, only you must discover them! In the pot we put the water to heat and before it boils it is removed. In the colander we place the leaves that we are going to use and this we put on the cup in which we are going to drink tea. Afterwards, we let the hot water fall, remove the colander, let the preparation rest for three minutes and add honey. This way you will be ready to drink.

Antioxidants in Cassie tea

Cassie tea contains antioxidants that can help delay the aging process, regenerate and repair cells. Many studies suggest that antioxidants also help our body prevent cancer. They also help prevent diabetes. There is some evidence to suggest that green tea may help reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

Immune system

Cassie tea helps strengthen the immune system since its content in flavonoids and vitamin H assist the proper functioning of the body’s defenses and prevent cell damage. Black tea can reduce the effects of stress. An Egyptian study on the effects of green tea on antibiotics says that tea serves to increase the effects of drugs to kill bacteria. A study that compared the levels of immune activity of coffee drinkers versus tea drinkers found the latter have immunological levels up to five times higher.

Reduces cardiovascular accidents

Drinking Cassie tea prevents the formation of dangerous blood clots that are often the cause of strokes and heart attacks. It also helps lower blood pressure. Drinking it every day helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Drinking between two to three cups of tea a day reduces the risk of a heart attack by seventy percent.

Fight decay

Although you do not believe it, drinking tea even reduces bacterial plaque; this is because the compounds in tea are able to reduce the acid in the bacteria that cause cavities in the mouth. The tannins present in the tea provide natural fluoride and protect tooth enamel from the effects produced by bacterial plaque on teeth. The contribution of antioxidants prevents halitosis especially if you opt for an herbal tea without sugar.

Cassie tea keeps you hydrated

Drinking tea keeps you always hydrated.. In addition, it helps in the digestion of the body, because the tea has been used for thousands of years as a digestive after meals.

  • Another benefit helps relieve stomach cramps.
  • No calories

If you want to take care of your diet and not gain weight, the ideal is to have a cup of tea without sugar or milk. It helps in reducing temporary fat. The antioxidants present especially in green tea are natural fat blockers, especially of abdominal fat, and prevent their absorption.

Cognitive benefit

Green tea, in particular, has a type of antioxidant that stimulates the proper functioning of memory and protects the brain from the development of cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

How is Cassie tea prepared with dust?

To prepare green tea with powder, we will need:

  • Teaspoon and half powder
  • One cup of hot water without boiling
  • Natural sweetener or honey

In the hot water add the tablespoon and a half of powder, let it rest for one or two minutes, after this it is sweetened and drunk. Essiac tea is relatively unknown in the West. It is obtained from new shoots, which have not yet been oxidized, and has more antioxidant properties than green tea. As you can see, in a fairly simple way you can prepare this healthy drink, which also brings great benefits to our body. It must be remembered that the secret is not to let the water boil , in the event that it reaches a boil it is left to rest for a minute before adding the tea – either in leaves or in powder form.

Tea is a drink commonly used by the natural medicine of oriental civilizations to take advantage of its therapeutic properties. Continue reading to know which the most used types, their properties are and how to use them to improve health. It is obtained after a process of minimal oxidation of the leaves of the plant of the same name and contains a large number of catechins and isoflavones, which give it a high antioxidant power. That is why it prevents premature aging of all body tissues. These are some of the benefits that can be obtained when drinking green tea:

  • Reduces the risk of breast, lung, stomach, prostate and colon cancer.
  • It prevents the hardening of arterial walls (atherosclerosis) and helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular accidents.
  • It helps to lose weight. This variety can increase thermogenesis and decrease fatty deposits in the liver.
  • It helps maintain good health of the nervous system.

As we mentioned before, due to its bitter taste it is necessary to start taking it little by little to get used to it, also if you consider each and every one of the benefits that you can obtain from this product it will surely be much easier to assimilate its flavor.