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Midwest Marketing Company grows or handles over 2700 acres of watermelon, cantaloupe and pumpkin from South Florida stretching through Georgia to Indiana.  In keeping with our eye toward quality we have field and packing house managers or QC personnel at every shipping location.
South Florida - Clewiston and Immokalee

Watermelon:  250 Acres beginning April 20th through May 25th.
                       All Seedless Varieties.
Cantaloupe:   100 Acres beginning April 15th through May 15th.
                       All Athena Variety.
North Florida - Chiefland/Trenton area

Watermelon:   250 Acres to harvest May 20th through June 15th.
                        All Seedless Varieties.
                            Plant City/Lakeland area
Cantaloupe:   100 Acres to harvest May 10th through June 5th.
                       Athena and Aphrodite Varieties
Georgia - Tifton Area

Watermelon:   700 Acres to harvest June 12th through July 15th.
                       Seedless and about 100 Acres Seeded.
Cantaloupe:    150 Acres to harvest May 25th through July 5th.
                        Athena and Aphrodite Varieties
                   Pineview (Cordele area)  
Cantaloupe:    200 Acres to harvest June 10th through July 15th.
                        Athena and Aphrodite Varieties
Southwest Indiana - Vincennes/Oaktown

Watermelon:   650 Acres to harvest July 15th through August 31st.
                        All Seedless Varieties.
Cantaloupe:    150 Acres to harvest July 5th through August 20th.
                        Athena and Aphrodite Varieties
Pumpkin:         120 Acres to harvest September 1st through October 25th.
                        Magic Lantern, A/C 510,  Merlin Varieties




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Midwest has enough volume to handle the largest of orders.

Washed, sterilized, and pre-cooled for clean long lasting cantaloupe.

Fall Harvest Pumpkins and Squash.