Have A Look To The So Far Best Quirky Hacks

The below quirky life hacks cover many different aspects of the daily routine tasks and some related to technology:

Have a look at the following quirky life hacks:

–>> Do you want to quickly cool a drink? Wrap it in moistened kitchen paper and put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

–>> You are in the program that you are, the combination of keys pressed at once control (ctrl) and z (in Windows), command ⌘ and undoes the last action performed (for example, if you have accidentally erased something). To undo this “decision” press control and y (Windows) and command and capitalizes it.

–>> If you play “stone, paper, scissors”, it starts with paper, since most people usually do it with the stone (which is similar to the shape of the hand).

–>> All mobile phones even blocked and without entering the PIN can call emergency 112

–>> Do not put your favorite song as the ringtone for the alarm clock because you end up having mania.

–>> The best way to cure hiccups is to try and have hiccups.

–>> Keep some coins in a winter coat pocket at the end of the season. You’ll have a nice surprise next year when you use it again.

–>> Exhale as much air as you can and hold on to suppress laughter when it is inappropriate.

–>> If your mobile gets wet, try to remove all the items you can (SIM card, SD card, battery, etc.) and leave it in a container completely covered with rice for at least a week. I have seen cases of mobiles that, after being a complete cycle in the washing machine, have revived. The rice absorbs moisture.

–>> Write a fake PIN on your credit or debit card. If you lose it and someone tries to use it and misread it three times, the cashier will either keep the card or it will be blocked and will not be able to use it.

–>> When using public utilities, try not to touch when door locks or doors come out, using a piece of paper, for example. This advice is 100% mine and is not a hobby but a subject of hygiene. Since 2005 I have a statistic of men who, after going to the service, wash their hands and barely reach 20% of the cases.

–>> If you drop a ring, a pendant, a small screw or some similar shiny metallic element, turn off the lights and illuminate with a flashlight. It should be illuminated and highlighted.

–>> If you start to cough uncontrollably, raise your hands above your head and you should stop coughing (works in many cases).

–>> Leave things in the first place where you have looked for them, not where you have found them.

–>> Turn over the bread when you cut it to prevent crushing and make it easier to handle.