The Right Diet For Gaining Muscles

Are you a bodybuilder or are into muscle building, then the anabolic cooking program by Dave Ruel is for you. These days a lot of cooking programs can be seen online, some are for losing fat, gaining fat and some like the anabolic cooking program are for gaining muscles. This program is one of a kind; it focuses on eating appropriately for body building, as good nutrition is the key to having those ripped and impressive toned muscles. Being a bodybuilder is not easy and to maintain that physique it is important to have the right kind of meal and to intake the right nutrients.

The Anabolic Cooking Review

To further help the aspiring bodybuilders in getting that proper physique here is the anabolic cooking review. First of all the anabolic cooking program is an e-book that consists of 20 different PDF files which have all the information related to eating right in order to lose weight and gain muscles. The recipes that the anabolic cooking cookbook contains talk about ingredients that are appropriate for muscle gain and are not harmful to the body in any way.

The recipes of the cooking program are free from harmful ingredients like colours, fructose and aspartame. The recipes mainly contain proteins and supplements that are natural in nature. The cooking program also provides diet that is apt for gaining immunity and for increasing the metabolic rate.

Furthermore we have the pros and cons of the anabolic cooking program in our anabolic cooking review which can help and guide you in taking the right decision.

The pros                                                                                                     

  • The recipes there in the book are very easy and can be made in just 20 minutes.
  • As there are a variety of recipes in the book it doesn’t become boring, one can enjoy varies recipes every day.
  • It has nutritional information about every recipe.
  • The program is secure and affordable.
  • The recipes and the program are extremely simple to follow.
  • All the ingredients used are quiet nutritional which are perfect for body building.


  • It has limited choices for vegetarians
  • Some of the sugar alternatives can be found in the recipes, which can be a little harmful.


Overall the anabolic cooking program is perfect for gaining muscles; it doesn’t have any such side effect which is great. Moreover, it is affordable so if you are keen on gaining muscles then this program is the best one for it.