The Three Stages of the Snow Blowers

Do you know what Snow Blower exactly is?

A lot of people do not really know what Snow Blowers is, so basically it is a machine which is used to clear out the snow ,which is on the road or on such areas.

If you live in a country where it snows almost half the year then buying a snow blower is essential for you, otherwise you cannot remove the snow from your driveway and you will get yourself in a trouble.

Types of Snow Blowers:

There are a lot of different types of snow blowers and each one of them is used for a different kind of snow cleaning job.

  • The first and the main type of snow blower is the single stage snow blowers. They come in both options; electric and gasoline too. As compared to other snow blowers, stage one snow blowers are lighter and easier than the others.

If you need to clean a medium size area then these snow blowers are the best for you. They can clean up to 8 inches of snow and they are best if you need to use them on cemented surfaces, as they will not pick rocks or such things from there.

If you will go for a corded electric single stage snow blower then you do not need much maintenance for it, and it starts with a button. If you will go for a cordless one then they are lighter and more solid.


  • The next one is the stage two snow blowers. These work with gas and they are able to remove the snow which is more than just 8 inches. They are more powerful than stage one snow blowers and they are perfect if you want to clean the snow from a larger area, as they can easily clear that.

It contains an impeller fan, which discharges the snow after the auger collects it.

Their process of cleaning the snow is faster than the first stage snow blowers. So, if you have a bigger area to clean then you need a stage two snow blower, it will work perfect for you.


  • The last one is the stage three snow blower. They work on gas and they handle more snow and that too in less time. It is a bot similar to the stage two snow blowers but they move and work them times faster than them. They are bigger and have more features then them, and are heavier as well.


So, here are the three stages of the snow blowers. You can choose any one of them, according to your need.