Tips for Mastering the Use of Orbital Sander

For renovating your house, an orbital sander is usually the best option. It is an easy-to-handle and user-friendly tool. As compared to sandpaper, an orbital sander work faster and helps you to get a smooth surface. Undoubtedly, one can easily handle the wear and tear of an orbital sander, but there are few important tips that you should know for mastering the use of orbital sander.

5 Tips for Using the Orbital Sander

Hold it lightly

A common mistake that people usually make is that they press down on a sander. The weight of your hands and sander is enough for cutting and remodeling the wood. Pressing down does not increase the speed of orbital and remove wood speedily. Moreover, it is a counterproductive move, and it will create ugly swirls on the wood and stop the pad’s rotation.

Hold it by the neck

It is hard to operate the orbital sander on narrow surfaces such as arms of the chairs. For avoiding the tipping and ugly swirls, grasp the sander firmly from its neck. Using the sander in an incline position will only lead you scrapes, scratches, and rounded edges.

Connect it with a vacuum

By hooking your orbital sander with a vacuum is a better idea than the fan inside the sander. The vacuum can pull every speck of dust off the wood’s surface. In this way, the orbital sander stays clean and cut the wood neatly and faster. It creates less airborne dust, which means less cleaning later. You can easily fit your regular vacuum hose in your orbital sander.

Use high-quality discs

Using a high-quality disc will draw grit particles and swirl design of uniform size. Cheaper discs might cut irregular grit particles that lead you to cut too deep and leave oversize and unnecessary scratches on the wood’s surface. High-quality discs will not only last long but also save your bucks in the long run.

Don’t forget gloves

A sander might leave tingles and aches on your hand due to unnecessary vibrations. So, it is beneficial to wear gloves during cutting or renovating the wood. Always use heavy-duty gloves because they can absorb vibrations and save your hand from tingles.

Use it slow

A random orbital sander speedily scrubs back and forth and creates unwanted swirls. Using an orbital sander slowly is not easy, but with practice, you will be master in it. The slower your move the orbital sander, the less swirly and more random scratches will be.