What mistakes you must avoid before selling your van

Selling your stuff online is very easy nowadays. The internet has made our lives very simple. You can now sell your stuff online without any hassle, however, selling your van is not a very easy job to do. People invest a lot of their money and their time on the van of their dreams. It requires the proper documentation and all the legal papers to make everything work.

You need to make sure you avoid the following mistakes:

Look for authenticity:

Therefore, it is better to allow the purchaser to share their personal details so that you can be aware of the area they are from. It is always a risk of people stealing away your van from you. The most important thing you must take care of is that do not allow them to take a trial trip alone. Make sure you are always in the care when they want to have a test drive. Make sure that you do not give them the access to the keys of the car.

Know the purchaser:

Always ask for the details of the person coming. Make sure you ask them about their job. This will enable you to know that if the person can actually pay for your van or if he is bluffing. Ask their office contact details. This will allow you to know if the details they provided are true or false.

Complete your documents:

Make sure they do not take pictures. Also, do not allow them to have the papers in their hand. However, it is important that you show the purchaser that you actually have all the documents that he might need before purchasing the van.


The payment must be made in full. Make sure that you have received the money in your bank if the money is paid via bank transfer. You need to do it before handing them the keys to the van and giving them the ownership.

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