Why Do People Go For The Best Orbital Sander Over Its Other Types

People working with wood require to sand it at some point or another. Doing it with hands can take forever and might not even give a finer finish. Consequently, many people switch to orbital sanders for a more finished look and to reach in tight corners as well. They are hand-held power tools and work in a circular motion. Moreover, they are more feasible for small surface tasks rather than heavy-duties.

Why people consider orbital sanders

  • The most advantageous feature of the best orbital sander is its square shape sanding blade. It allows the person to easily reach deep in the corners and up against the edges of the surface.
  • People can also use regular sandpaper rather than a personalized or custom made sanding disk for the purpose.
  • They give a much better finish than belt sanders by combining the former’s slow speed and the latter’s aggressiveness.
  • They leave less visible scratch marks as compared to the other sanders and gives a finer finish to the surface.
  • Orbital sanders fit in places where other sanders fail to fit.
  • They are more compact and convenient than random orbital sanders and are more suitable for tight spaces.

Other available options

Apart from orbital sanders, buyers can also go for belt sanders or detail sanders.

  • Belt sanders- They are typically known for their high speed in the sanding process. However, they do not provide the finish as finer as an orbital sander does. Belt sanders also come in hand-held versions and bench mounted versions for increased convenience.
  • Detail sanders- In general, they are considered as a more technology updated and advanced version of orbital sanders. Unlike orbital sanders, they come with a triangular base to access corners and edges and require special adhesive paper for sanding.

A wide variety to choose from

These tools are the most efficient means of sanding the surface. They are cost-efficient along with saving both time and energy simultaneously. It must be recalled that there are hundreds of new designs released in the market every year. Various highly renowned brands and companies are introducing new options for buyers from which people can choose the best orbital sander as per their budget and requirement.


Orbital sanders are one of the many small size sanders available in the market. Their compact size combined with lightweight gives them a kick start over the years. They can be easily held by hands and require an additional power supply for working.